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Maurice Jacobsen is an independent documentary producer/director who has worked on projects throughout the world for the past thirty-five years.  With projects produced for PBS (Dialogue, Will Our Children Thank Us?) and Discovery Channel Europe (Expedition 360), he began working in the Middle East with funding from KQED-TV, San Francisco and ITVS on the online documentary series Jerusalem: A Living History.  


He is currently completing production and editing of the feature length documentary We All Live in Gaza.   This multi-media project is being created for theatrical distribution with a companion traveling arts installation intended to tour major world capitals.


Mr. Jacobsen has a BA degree in Film Production from the University of Denver, Denver, Colorado and has studied at The American Film Institute Digital Content Lab, Los Angeles, California where he specialized in the production of online interactive documentary programming.  He has taught on the faculties of American University, Washington, DC, The New School for Social Research and the University of Bridgeport.


Prior to his work in the Middle East, Mr. Jacobsen was a producer with Video Free America, San Francisco where he was involved in the production and editing of projects throughout the world for clients ranging from Cisco Systems to the San Francisco Unified School District.


He has also served as a Senior Producer with CityTV in Los Angeles for five years and was Director of Program Development for United Cable Television of Los Angeles.   Additionally he worked as an on-air reporter for WZZM-TV, an ABC affiliate  for over three years.  


He has been the recipient of numerous programming awards including four Emmy nominations in local documentary programming and national first place honors from the National Cable Television Association and the National Federation of Local Cable Programmers in documentary production.



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